A coalition of watchdog groups is asking the White House Correspondents' Association to reconsider Fox News's front-row seat assignment in light of a $1 million donation by its parent company to the Republican Governors Association. 

A letter from the coalition called the donation from News Corporation "a massive ethical lapse that demonstrates Fox News’ inability to function as an objective media institution."

Fox received its front-row seat in the White House briefing room after a unanimous vote by the Correspondents' Association on Aug. 1. 

"What message does it send to reward a 'news outlet' that ideologically and financially supports the Republican Party with a place of distinction in the White House briefing room?" the letter said. "How is the country better served by continuing to disregard Fox News’ unabashed partisan tilt even as it becomes more and more obvious?"

The letter was signed by the nonpartisan Public Campaign, the Center for Media and Democracy and the progressive group Media Matters for America. 

The $1 million donation from News Corp. — which also owns the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal — was reported from IRS filings last week. The media company is one of the GOP's largest corporate donors this election cycle.