Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) appeared at the Chicago Comic-Con convention this weekend, selling autographs and photo-ops.

The convicted governor has acknowledged that his federal corruption trial has cost him a fortune in legal fees. The ex-governor has also appeared on television shows such as NBC's "The Apprentice" in the past year to earn money. 


Blagojevich's arrival at the popular gathering came several days after a Chicago jury convicted him on only one of 24 counts, for lying to federal investigators. Federal prosecutors have said they will re-try the former governor on the other 23 counts, but Blagojevich has maintained his innocence.

Apparently, the ex-governor was a hit among many attendees.

"He's drawing the most crowd out of anyone else here," a participant said in an NBC News report.

Blagojevich sold photo opportunities for $80 and autographs for $50.

He signed one photo "You are bleeping golden," referring to his line from wiretap tapes that recorded him allegedly trying to sell President Obama's old Senate seat. 

Blagojevich downplayed the money he received from his appearance. 

"I didn't really get any money from any of the photos I took, because I took probably hundreds of them and couldn't bother to ask anybody for any money for that. Those were free," he said on "Fox News Sunday." "I did sign some signatures. I was there because I was invited at the last minute by the promoters, and it was an opportunity to get out there among the people."


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