After gripes from some House Democrats that he wasn't doing enough to support them on the stump, President Obama sent a fundraising appeal on their behalf Wednesday, saying his "Democratic partners" on the Hill have made progress toward economic recovery possible.

In a message to backers of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the House Democrats' campaign arm, Obama said the Democratic agenda has put the party in a position to win — and asked for the same grassroots support he received during his 2008 presidential campaign. 


"Make no mistake about it. Democrats will retain the House of Representatives this year, as long as you continue working to help them win," he said. "The steady progress we are seeing toward America's recovery is no accident. It's happened because I've had Democratic partners in the House and Senate who have chosen to tackle problems that Washington talked about for decades but always just kicked down the road. Not anymore."

The plea is another example of the White House trying to put its weight behind House Democrats, who are in danger of losing their majority in the midterm elections. 

Last month, House Democrats voiced their frustrations with the White House's level of involvement in their campaign efforts after White House press secretary Robert Gibbs openly acknowledged that Democrats could lose the House and possibly the Senate.

Since then, the White House has tried to get more involved. Just over a week ago, Obama spoke at a high-dollar DCCC fundraiser in Los Angeles and is expected to make more stops at House campaign events.

Obama asked donors to contribute before Aug. 31 so the DCCC could meet its $1 million fundraising goal before the Federal Election Commission filing deadline.

"I know what a difference grassroots support can make in a tough fight," Obama wrote. "In the same way that you helped me defy the pundits and stand strong against the attacks from those who wish to protect the status quo, I need your help to make a difference right now to retain a Democratic House."