Law enforcement officials in Michigan are investigating whether Tea Party candidates there were involved in election fraud in an attempt to siphon votes from Republican candidates.

According to a report from the Detroit Free Press Jason Bauer, former director of operations for the Oakland County Democratic Party, notarized a dozen affidavits for Tea Party candidates including one for a candidate who had no idea he was on the ballot. Two of the candidates were also later found to be underage, and one was a resident of Phoenix, Ariz. 

The Oakland County Sheriff's Department has been investigating the matter, and on Friday, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson filed a petition in court asking for a one-person grand jury to investigate possible election fraud.

Bauer resigned Sunday night and was condemned by the Oakland County Democratic Party as reports of his actions surfaced. He faces potential criminal charges over misusing his notary license. The head of the Oakland County Democrats resigned on Sunday as well.