Former Rep. Jim Traficant (D-Ohio) will probably present enough valid signatures to secure a place in this fall's ballot, according to reports.

Traficant, a former Democratic lawmaker who was expelled from the House in 2002 after being convicted on corruption charges, is seen as likely to have gathered the additional signatures necessary to challenge Rep. Tim Ryan (D) and Republican candidate Jim Graham in Ohio's 17th congressional district.

A board of elections official in the district told a CBS News affiliate he expects Traficant to present the additional signatures needed to earn a spot on the ballot, after having been granted an extension to gather support after some voters' signatures in support of his candidacy were ruled invalid.

Traficant had been known for his colorful personality while in Congress and still enjoys some support in the Youngstown-area district. The district is seen as safely Democratic, though if Traficant were to steal enough Democratic votes from Ryan, GOP headwinds could make for an interesting race in the 17th district this November.