Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele plans to travel to Guam for political activities two months before the November midterm elections.

According to the Pacific News Center, Steele will headline a Sept. 7 fundraiser and speak Sept. 8 at a fundraising luncheon for candidates on the island.

"As part of Chairman Steele's mission to reinvigorate the Republican Party as well as attracting new voters, his visit to our island demonstrates that the Guamanian voters in the continental U.S. are an important part of this mission," Gov. Felix Camacho said in a statement.

Steele's trip comes during a month when primary seasons wraps up and candidates on the mainland enter crucial phases of their campaigns.

Some observers have predicted the GOP could take control of the House of Representatives, but critics point to lower fundraising totals from Republican committees this cycle as one obstacle that could block their goal. 

"Chairman Steele will be traveling to two territories and some western states to help raise money for candidates and local parties," RNC spokesman Doug Heye said in an e-mail.

Additional reports indicate that Steele will also be traveling to the Northern Mariana Islands.

Territories such as Guam send representatives to Congress, but they are not permitted to vote. But territories have as many voters on the RNC as states do, and Steele counted on island committees for support during his chairmanship campaign in 2008 and 2009.

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