President Obama has to "get turbocharged" for Democrats in this fall's elections, House Democrats' campaign chief said Thursday.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Chris Van Hollen (Md.) urged the president to ramp up his efforts on the campaign trail.

"We've got to get out around the country," Van Hollen said during an appearance on MSNBC. "And the president has got to get turbocharged. He's got to go out and make it very clear what the stakes in this election will be."

The DCCC chairman said he didn't think Obama had underperformed on behalf of Democratic incumbents this fall, but if Democrats wanted to perform the best this fall, the president would need to work tirelessly on behalf of incumbents and candidates.

"I think that he's been laying the groundwork, he's been drawing the contrasts," he said. "And I think that he knows better than anybody that between now and Nov. 2, when people are really going to be paying attention, he's got to be all over the country, making it clear what the choice is."

Obama has ramped up his travel schedule on behalf of Democrats during the summer, particularly for fundraisers on behalf of Senate incumbents and the party's campaign committees.

Van Hollen faces a tougher task, though, in fighting to retain Democrats' House majority, into which Republicans are expected to make large gains this fall. If Democrats lose 39 seats to the GOP, they will lose control of the House.

Vice President Biden has been an active campaigner on behalf of House incumbents, traveling the country for a series of fundraisers this year. “Now that the heavy lifting is over, we can go out and make our case,” Biden famously said at a July fundraiser.