The new ad hits BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerFeehery: The next Republican wave is coming Rift widens between business groups and House GOP Juan Williams: Pelosi shows her power MORE (R-Ohio) on his ties to business, and follows a story published by The New York Times on Sunday about the Republican leader's relationship with lobbyists and business groups. 

The Democratic National Committee's ad accuses Boehner, who would be the House Speaker if Republicans win back the majority this fall, of being "a Speaker for big-time lobbyists." The spot is titled "Boehner Land." 

Democrats from President Obama down have worked hard over the past week to elevate Boehner as the face of the Republican party in the hope that this will rally their base to the polls. Surveys suggest Democrats could face a wave election that would knock out their majorities in the House and possibly the Senate. 


The new TV spot will rotate with the other ad, "You're Welcome," targeting Boehner on jobs and the economy, in a rotation of ads on national cable beginning Tuesday and running roughly for a week. 

Boehner's staff has hit back at the Times story, describing it as a hatchet job. The story focused on regular meetings Boehner has held with lobbyists and political donations he has received from interest groups, including the tobacco industry. 

"Boehner Land" frames Boehner — the object of Obama and Democrats' midterm election attacks — as being cozy with lobbyists and having aggressively solicited campaign funds.

“Out-of-touch and flailing, Washington Democrats are desperate to change the topic, but the American people won’t forget their job-killing record," said Boehner spokesman Michael Steel about the ad. "The premise of this ad is just silly.”

DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse sought to cast Boehner as more cozy with lobbyists than onetime House GOP Whip Tom DeLay (R-Texas), whose "K Street Project" allegedly emphasized donations in order to gain access to Republican leaders when the party was last in control of the House. 

" 'Boehner Land' is the K Street Project on steroids — a land where the only voices that matter are corporate lobbyists who write big campaign checks while writing legislation to their liking," Woodhouse wrote. "Boehner is already promising to their bidding — repeal health reform, repeal Wall Street reform and coddle BP and big oil."

Here's the ad: 

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