President Obama said he is "fortunate" to have a House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) by his side in his latest fundraising plea to Democratic donors Wednesday. 

In an e-mail to supporters of the House Democrats campaign committee, the president said he has "been fortunate to have extraordinary partners in the House like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues" and urged donors to contribute before the Sept. 30 FEC filing deadline, the end of the last fundraising quarter of the midterm cycle.


"They have put our recovery on track, fought Republican attempts to privatize Social Security, and heroically taken on the powerful special interests," he wrote. "Now they need your help."

The e-mail was sent out the morning before Obama is scheduled continue his midterm campaign efforts on behalf of Democrats by headlining a joint event for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. 

Pelosi has been a lightning rod on the campaign trail. National Republicans, who are expected to make large gains on the Democrats's majorities, have launched a "Fire Pelosi" effort, pegging the Speaker as an extreme left-wing figure who has not done a good job of helping the economy recover from a deep recession.

Some Democrats running in swing or GOP-leaning districts have also sought to distance themselves from Pelosi, as well as Obama, airing campaign ads that highlight their votes against signature pieces of Democratic legislation such as healthcare reform and the financial regulatory overhaul.

But national Democrats have instead focused on framing the midterm election as a choice between Democratic policies they say have moved the country closer to economic recovery and GOP policies they say helped cause the recession.