President Obama’s political organizing group is throwing its hat in the ring of increasingly popular marches in Washington D.C. as it pushed supporters on Saturday to attend next weekend’s rally on the National Mall.

Organizing for America, the Democratic National Committee’s group that lauds Obama’s legislative policies, sent out the e-mail blast advertising the Oct. 2 One Nation, Working Together rally as “the biggest progressive demonstration in decades.”

The move comes in the wake of a march held last month by Fox News host Glenn Beck on the Mall, entitled “Restoring Honor” and another set of planned rallies hosted by comedians Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” and Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report” slated for the end of October.

Thousands of people gathered for Beck’s event, which drew the likes of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Plain, a leading voice in the conservative movement.

The Democratic march, to be held less than five weeks before Congress’s midterm elections, is an attempt to galvanize support for policies enacted in this Congress, such as the healthcare bill, the stimulus bill, and other key priorities trumpeted by Obama.