Mitt Romney this weekend blamed the Obama administration for the still-struggling economy, labeling the past two years of White House policies an "abject failure."

“We are all unhappy with what has happened under this president,” Romney said Saturday during his keynote speech at the New Hampshire Republican Party's state convention, according to CNN

"This is the first time I can recall the government declaring war on private enterprise."

Romney, the former Republican governor of Massachusetts and 2008 presidential candidate, hasn't officially decided whether he'll make a run at the White House in 2012. But the frequency of his public appearances — not to mention the sharp tone of his criticisms of Obama — have left many political prognosticators to suspect an announcement is forthcoming.

Meantime, Romney seems content to tour the country (he was at the Value Voters Summit in Washington earlier this month) to stump for Republicans in the midterm elections. 

"I can't predict the scale of the victory we're going to see in November, but I can predict that there's going to be a repudiation of the liberalism that has been running rampant in Washington D.C.," Romney said. 

"Let's bring Republican values back to Washington."