The Obama administration is "eager" to face voters' choices on Election Day, senior adviser David Axelrod said Monday.

Axelrod, one of the administration's top political counselors, asserted that Democrats would do better than expected on Nov. 2.

"You're going to see Democrats winning in places you didn't expect them to win," Axelrod said at a Google/Politico forum to preview the midterm contests. "So I'm eager for November 2nd; I think it's going to be an interesting night."

Republicans are within striking distance of winning the 39 seats they need to win back the majority in the House, according to independent projection services. The GOP needs to win 10 Senate seats to reclaim the majority in the upper chamber, an uphill -- but not inconceivable -- battle.

Axelrod said that the GOP's brand was too weak to carry enough races to result in a "wave" election.

"But what's different from the past elections is that the Republican Party brand is not strong at all," he said. "Because I think people understand that the Republicans essentially aren't offering anything new."

But the Chicago native, who's said he'll likely leave the White House in 2011 to begin organizing President Obama's reelection campaign, said he expected 2010's elections to be an "idiosyncrasy" versus other midterm elections for presidents in their first term. Those elections typically see the party in Congress opposed to a president's party make gains.

"I do think that this is going to be an idiosyncratic election," he said. "Yes. I think we are going to win some races that, perhaps, you guys don't think we're going to win."