California's Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown leads Republican opponent Meg Whitman 52 to 39 percent among likely voters, according to a new Time/CNN/Opinion Research poll released Wednesday.

The survey also showed incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) leading GOP challenger Carly Fiorina by 19 points.

Meanwhile a new poll forthcoming from the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) gives Whitman a one-point edge over Brown, flipping his advantage, and shows Boxer with a steady seven-point lead over Fiorina.

Brown has led Whitman by up to five points in most other September polls. Observers note that he is favored by women and Latinos — a gap some say could widen after a Wednesday press conference in which a former housekeeper for Whitman alleged that she had been fired after asking the former Ebay executive for help in gaining legal status.

Polls throughout September have shown Fiorina trailing Boxer by between two and eight points, respectively.

The Time/CNN/Opinion Research poll was conducted Sept. 24-28 and has a 3-percent margin of error.