Senate Democratic leaders gave their colleagues a message card with talking points to share with voters at home.

The card was part of a pep talk Democratic senators gave themselves at their party luncheon Wednesday before leaving Washington to face hostile voters on the campaign trail.

The theme of the card is Democrats Are On Your Side, and it tells senators to remind their constituents of three Democratic policy priorities.

No. 1, Democrats will create jobs by getting businesses to make products in America.

No. 2, Democrats will stop tax breaks for big corporations who ship American jobs overseas.

No. 3, Democrats will protect Medicare and Social Security from Republicans who want to eliminate them.

The campaign trail strategy hews to advice that senior White House strategist David Axelrod gave to Senate Democrats when he met with them in late July.

Axelrod told Democrats at a private session in the Senate’s Mansfield Room that they should portray Republicans as the defenders of corporate special interests, according to lawmakers who attended.

He urged them to draw a sharp contrast with the policies Republicans favor.

“This election is a choice, it’s a very, very clear choice,” Axelrod told reporters after the July meeting.