A well-known WWE wrestler is campaigning for Connecticut GOP Senate nominee Linda McMahon on Saturday.

Paul Levesque, also known as Triple H, is attending an event for the former WWE CEO in Fairfield Saturday morning.

McMahon's campaign tweeted:

Come meet my son-in-law Paul Levesque (aka Triple H) tomorrow at 9:30 am @ Fairfield #GOP Victory HQ! http://bit.ly/9fYbsd #Linda2010 #CTSEN

McMahon, who is running against Democrat Richard Blumenthal, has come under fire for the way the WWE treated its wrestlers.

The families of several other former pro wrestlers, some of whom died, have spoken out against McMahon on the campaign trail. They allege that McMahon should share blame for wrestling's ties to anabolic steroid use and the danger of wrestlers suffering head injuries.

McMahon has claimed that WWE instituted a drug testing regimen as part of an effort to crack down on performance-enhancing drugs during her tenure as CEO. 

Levesque is married to McMahon's daughter Stephanie.