Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) is advising GOP candidates to make the election about "paychecks versus food stamps" in the closing weeks of the campaign.

Gingrich, the guru of Republicans' 1994 takeover of the House, circulated a memo to candidates urging them to frame the election as a choice between job creation by Republicans ("paychecks"), versus increased joblessness and reliance on government assistance ("food stamps").

"This year, the House Republican's Pledge to America has set the stage for a powerful, symbolic closing argument for candidates seeking to unseat the left-wing, big spending, job killing Democrats: paychecks versus food stamps," Gingrich wrote in a memo.

The potential 2012 presidential candidate outlined the job losses suffered during the past four years while Democrats controlled Congress and have had President Obama in the White House the past two. He contrasted that with the jobs created during the 1990s, when Republicans controlled Congress and Democratic President Bill Clinton was in the White House.

"You can use this vivid contrast between the record of the Pelosi-Reid Democratic Congress and the last time the Republican Party took control of Congress to powerfully illustrate the difference for every American between the Democratic Party of food stamps and the Republican Party of paychecks," Gingrich advised candidates.

This isn't the first time Gingrich has offered support to the crop of GOP candidates. Gingrich's group, American Solutions, held training sessions for candidates this spring, published a book called "Campaign Solutions," and offers an online training academy for candidates, as well.