A 2012 ticket featuring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the vice presidential candidate is "on the table," veteran journalist Bob Woodward suggested Tuesday.

Woodward, who just released a book detailing some of the most intimate details of internal White House deliberations over the war in Afghanistan, said that Clinton's advisers think it's possible that she would replace Vice President Biden on President Obama's re-election ticket in two years.

"It's on the table," Woodward said in an interview to air this evening on CNN. "Some of Hillary Clinton's advisers see it as a real possibility in 2012."

Such a ticket would bring together the two former adversaries for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination in a political union that many Democrats had hoped would come to pass in 2008.

There have been murmurs of a potential replacement for Biden in two years, but the White House has generally dismissed such speculation out of hand.

Clinton would bring the kind of additional foreign policy experience to the table that had initially prompted Obama to choose Biden as a running mate in 2008. She's also one of the few administration officials to actually enjoy an increase in popularity since joining the administration.

A Gallup poll suggested that Obama still has the upper hand on Clinton, though, if she were to attempt to reprise the 2008 contest with a primary challenge to the president in 2012.

52 percent of Democrats said they'd choose Obama in a Democratic primary against Clinton, compared to 37 percent who'd vote for the secretary of State.

That Gallup poll
, conducted Sept. 25-26, has a four percent margin of error.