While only 43 percent of voters approve of President Obama's performance in office, 51 percent say his approach is correct and just needs more time to work, according to a new survey.

The poll, released by McClatchy-Marist, revealed that 45 percent are not confident in Obama's approach for the future.

When the results are split by party affiliation, Obama has the support of 81 percent of Democrats and the opposition of 76 percent of Republicans.

Independents, meanwhile, are more likely to agree with the GOP: A 54-percent majority say Obama's approach will not be effective in the future. 

Dr. Lee M. Miringhoff, who directed the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, says that Obama's disapproval ratings have held steady since September, with a slight uptick after June.

"The battle lines are drawn for the midterm elections," he said. "President Obama’s approval rating is not a disaster, but it’s not high enough to be a battle cry for many of his fellow Democrats facing the 2010 electorate."