Vice President Biden suggested Monday evening that Republicans might try to challenge Social Security in court in the same manner they've challenged healthcare reform.

The vice president asserted that the GOP could wage a challenge to Social Security's constitutionality over the entitlement program's requirement that all taxpayers participate.

Biden noted at a fundraiser for Dan Onorato, the Democratic candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, that "Tom Corbett is one of a dozen Republican attorneys general actually suing” to challenge the healthcare law, referring to the state's attorney general and GOP candidate for governor.

"I wonder if next it’s Social Security," Biden added, according to a pool report. "We mandate you do that, too.”

Republican attorneys general have leveled a series of lawsuits against the new healthcare reform law, challenging whether the requirement within the law that consumers purchase insurance — the so-called "individual mandate" — is constitutional.

At least one federal judge upheld the provision, though the legislation is expected to face further litigation. Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.), the House GOP conference chairman, said he expects the case to eventually make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where Pence said he expected Republicans could prevail.