Hip-hop artist Jay-Z stars in a new public service announcement encouraging young people to show up to the polls.

The top-tier entertainer appears in a "Vote Again 2010" PSA organized by the nonpartisan organization HeadCount.

The 30-second spot will appear on CBS, Fuse and several other "major cable networks," according to HeadCount, which produced the ad.

And while the organization is nonpartisan, much of its stated goal — increased participation in next month's election, particularly by young voters — makes common cause with Democrats' strategy going into the pivotal midterm contests.

President Obama and Democrats have sought to turn out many of the young, first-time voters who propelled them to victory in 2008 again this November. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have made appearances at major rallies at universities in states with key races, and plan more in the future.

Obama will also appear on Tuesday evening in a town-hall meeting ostensibly targeted at young voters that will be simulcast on MTV, CMT and BET.

Voters ages 18-29-years-old made up 18 percent of the electorate in 2008, according to a CNN national exit poll. Those voters strongly preferred Obama over Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), the GOP nominee, 66-32 percent.

Find the Jay-Z spot below: