Conservative media personality Glenn Beck implored his listeners Thursday to flood the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with donations.

Beck, on his daily radio show, personally donated to the Chamber, which has found itself under attack by President Obama and Democrats over the past week and a half.

"I would like to have this [be] the largest day of fundraising for the Chamber of Commerce ever," Beck told listeners, according to audio flagged by the liberal group Media Matters for America.

"I am donating $10,000 to the Chamber of Commerce now," said Beck, who also hosts a daily program on Fox News, during his show.

The Chamber has faced questions from the administration over the sources of its funding for its political activities. Democrats have raised fears that the Chamber might be receiving donations from foreign sources, which would be illegal under federal election law.

The business group has adamantly denied receiving foreign funds for its political activities, which have largely been on behalf of Republicans, and have refused to disclose its donors, citing a fear of retribution.

"No," said the Chamber's executive vice president for government affairs, R. Bruce Josten, on MSNBC this morning.