With Democrats struggling to motivate the party's base ahead of November, Organizing for America volunteers plan a national "Change by the Million" day of action Saturday, with the goal of reaching 1 million voters in 24 hours. 

OFA is President Obama's get out the vote operation, which was folded into the Democratic National Committee after the 2008 election. The organization is encouraging volunteers to utilize its online call tool to phone 10 voters Saturday to mobilize support for Democrats in November. 

"Republicans think the deal is sealed," OFA Director Mitch Stewart wrote in an email to supporters. "They're rubbing their hands together, looking at the big dollars being spent by shadowy groups and special interests, thinking that's what it takes to win elections this fall. But for all the big money and negative ad campaigns they've been pumping into districts around the country, there's still one thing they can't factor in--you."


Volunteers can make the GOTV calls from their homes utilizing a recently-launched online call tool that connects them to targeted voters in their own neighborhood. 

"With our call tool, thousands of us will be joining in from wherever we are --from a coffee shop, from our desks, from our kitchens," writes Stewart. "One click, and you're brought to a script and a person to contact in your area--either a first-time voter from 2008, or someone who has voted Democratic in the past."   

Democrats are still searching for a way to close a wide enthusiasm gap ahead of November and motivate those so-called Obama "surge" voters who helped put the president over the top in many battleground states in 2008. 

In poll after poll, voter intensity is significantly higher among Republican voters in 2010, while minority and young voters demonstrate the lowest levels of enthusiasm thus fall.   

Since late spring, OFA says it has made nearly 2 million calls and door-knocks targeting young voters alone. The group has also staged a series of "Moving America Forward" rallies, with another two upcoming in Las Vegas and Los Angeles before the end of the month. 

Gallup's latest tracking numbers show an enthusiasm gap of nearly 20 percent and numbers from the Hill Midterm Election poll also showed Democrats staring down a large intensity gap in some key House races. 

-Updated at 2:31 p.m.