Democrats are asking attendees of comedian Jon Stewart's rally Saturday to help the party's candidates.

Organizing for America (OFA), President Obama's political arm, asked attendees of the rally on the National Mall to head down to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to participate in a phone-banking session for Democratic candidates.

"This Saturday, October 30th, folks from across the country will be coming to D.C. for the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert 'Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear,'" wrote David Litt, OFA's volunteer coordinator in Washington, D.C.

"Whether or not you're planning to attend, we need folks to turn the energy from that rally into action by contacting key voters across the country and making sure they have a plan to vote by November 2nd," Litt added.

The e-mail is a clear indication Democrats are looking to capitalize on Stewart's long-planned rally. The event, which could draw six-figure attendance, has ironically been billed as a rejection of partisanship and shrill rhetoric in the American political process.

Viewers of Stewart's "The Daily Show" and Colbert's "The Colbert Report" are typically characterized as left-leaning. Obama also made his pitch to Stewart's viewers during a Wednesday evening appearance on "The Daily Show."

But some liberals have previously expressed concern the rally could distract Democratic activists, who might otherwise be out on the campaign trail, from working for candidates.

It seems, however, that Democrats see the event as an opportunity to build momentum for the party in the last weekend of the 2010 campaign.

"Democratic headquarters is just a short walk from the rally, and making these calls is a great way to ensure that the energy from the rally makes a difference on November 2nd," Litt wrote.