Vice President Biden sharpened his rhetoric toward Republicans on Friday, calling their ideas "stupid."

Biden, during a rally in Iowa on Friday afternoon for Rep. Bruce Braley (D), hit on themes he's used throughout the fall campaigns, but added an edge to his comments as the closing weekend of the campaign kicks into gear.

The vice president told Democrats at the rally to take Republicans' ideas seriously, a variation on what he's said at over 100 other fundraisers for Democratic candidates and incumbents this fall.

"Don't take these stupid ideas lightly," Biden said in Dubuque. "They mean it."

He also riffed off another bit of campaign rhetoric, in which he's mocked Republican rhetoric about fiscal responsibility by pointing to the budgetary management of President George W. Bush and the Republican Congress during the last decade.

"Next time a Republican tells you anything about fiscal responsibility, laugh at them," Biden said.