Republican Joe Miller claimed a "mandate" for his party based on GOP candidate Rand Paul's projected win the Kentucky Senate race.

Miller, the official GOP candidate for Senate in Alaska, said his party was on the precipice of a "movement" in tonight's elections.

“It’s very clear that nationwide we have a movement that is moving us forward in a way that I think is going to bring real change to D.C. And the American people are demanding it," Miller said on the Fox Business Network.

"It is a mandate to make sure the federal government gets reversed in its growth. Not just slowed down, but completely changed out in a way that we have increased power to the state," he added.

Of course, it's not clear yet whether Miller will even be a member of the Senate come next year. Polls close in Alaska at midnight E.S.T., and he faces a competitive race against Democrat Scott McAdams and Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican write-in candidate.