On the day after Republicans reclaimed control of Congress, a Democratic lawmaker said he will introduce a measure that would "disavow" the impeachment of former President Clinton.

Rep. Chaka Fattah (Pa.) said that the resolution is necessary so that Democrats and Republicans can work together in a bipartisan fashion.

"As we enter a period in which bipartisanship will be a major priority for the Congress, it is vital that we disavow the most highly partisan example of the politics of personal destruction in the recent history of this House," Fattah said in a statement. 

The last time they were in power, House Republicans impeached Clinton for allegedly perjuring himself over his supposed affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Clinton, only the second president in history to be impeached, was eventually acquitted at trial in the Senate.

Critics slammed the impeachment as a political move by the GOP, but the impeachment did not torpedo the GOP: they controlled the House for another eight years.

Fattah said he is introducing the resolution on Nov. 15, the first day of the lame-duck session, noting that Clinton's impeachment took place during the December 1998 lame-duck session.

Republicans have already said they do not plan to impeach President Obama when they take power next year.