The head of Republicans' transition to the House majority said Thursday his focus is on making House operations more “efficient.”

Rep. Greg Walden (R), the Oregon lawmaker tasked by probable Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) with leading the effort that will reform internal GOP House rules — as well as the rules that govern the entire lower chamber — said his 22-member team would meet Monday to begin the process of the transition.

Walden said they would focus on the effectiveness of the current House schedule — and the wasted time that disrupts committee hearings during the day — when the House has votes on the floor and also on the short workweek in the House.

The Oregonian, a former small-business owner, told reporters at a briefing Thursday in his makeshift digs in the U.S. Capitol that his yet-to-be-named 22-member team will be a “nice cross section” of the GOP conference.

“There are new members that will be on (the transition team),” Walden said, explaining that he couldn’t release the names because they are “literally” still trying to “track down members.”

“I can tell you that it is a nice cross section of our Republican conference and Republican conference-to-be, you will see a number of incoming members that have not been part of this before. You’ll see people who are senior and people who aren’t,” Walden said.

The group will meet Monday night and throughout the day Tuesday to become acquainted with the rules of the House and the internal operating rules of the GOP conference.

They will reach out to Democrats, who had to lead the transition in 2006, as well as Republican and Democrats who lived through the transition in 1994.

Walden explained his intention is not to “eliminate X number of jobs” but he said “we have to find savings” and will be looking for ways to reduce redundancy and maximize efficiency of Capitol operations.

“We will be reaching out to the committee staff to ask how they do their jobs,” Walden said, adding that “when you are borrowing 43 cents on every dollar, you have to find savings.”