The nation's labor federation has gotten behind Nancy Pelosi's bid for minority leader in the House.

In a statement Monday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Pelosi "has been, and always will be, a tireless champion for working families." 

The outgoing Speaker from California is looking to retain the top leadership post for House Democrats as they become the minority party in the next Congress.

Trumka credited Pelosi with helping to pass healthcare and financial services reforms and said she was instrumental in securing money for renewable energy and infrastructure. 

"None of these bills, along with countless others, could have passed without Speaker Pelosi’s consensus and coalition building. Whether union members or their Representatives are from a blue, red, or purple district, Pelosi has always listened to them and represented their interests," Trumka said in the statement. 

Pelosi came under frequent attack on the campaign trail from Republican candidates. With polling showing low public approval for Pelosi, several Democrats in conservative districts began to distance themselves from her, with some saying they would not vote for her again to be Speaker.