President Obama should take off most of the rest of the year to concentrate on the lessons of the 2010 election, former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said Tuesday.

Gingrich urged the president to take some time away from Washington to reflect on how he might pivot in the next two years to work with the new Republican-controlled House.

"I think it’ll be really healthy for him if he could take off from Thanksgiving through most of December and really think," Gingrich told "The Brody File" on the Christian Broadcasting Network. "I mean walk on the beach or walk in the woods or whatever he likes doing, but get away from the daily business and try to reflect on what happened."

Gingrich harkened back to what President Reagan and President George W. Bush had done to escape Washington with some frequency during their time in office, and urged Obama to do the same. Each president had famously spent time on his respective ranch, clearing brush or riding horses.

"Every eighth day he was at the ranch during his presidency, and the reason was he wanted to get perspective from Washington," Gingrich said of Reagan. "He wanted to get out of the gossip, get out of the daily news media."

Of course, each of those presidents drew media scrutiny for the amount of time he spent outside of Washington, and Obama has received similar criticism. Republicans mock the president, for instance, for golfing with some regularity on the weekends (when the weather permits).