The GOP lawmaker who loudly voiced his displeasure over being denied an opportunity to speak said Tuesday the House has become "dark, mismanaged" and "undemocratic."

Rep. Steve Buyer (R-Ind.), the outgoing GOP lawmaker and ranking member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, said he could have been more "civil" when he unleashed a tirade on the acting House Speaker after she denied him an opportunity to speak on the floor.

"Listening to myself — I was pretty upset yesterday," he said on the conservative Sean Hannity radio show.

Video of Buyer's tirade went viral
and was picked up by news outlets and websites, and he broadly blamed Democrats' management of the House for his outburst.

"Congress has become a dark, mismanaged and disorganized institution," he said, arguing the management of the healthcare and stimulus bills as an example. "And undemocratic."

Buyer stopped short of an apology for his actions — Hannity urged him against apologizing — but did seem to express regret.

"We all try to control ourselves. I am pugnacious," he said. "But I also believe we have to be very civil. I was dumbfounded that I would not have been recognized to speak."