Calls by the founder of WikiLeaks for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's resignation are "ridiculous and absurd," the White House said Wednesday.

The Obama administration stood behind Clinton, its top foreign policy official, amidst a demand by Jullian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, that Clinton resign in the wake of the private diplomatic cables published by his website.

"My reaction is that I think that statement is ridiculous and absurd," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said during an appearance on CNN. "The president has great confidence and admires the work that Secretary Clinton has done."

"I'm not entirely sure why we care about the opinion of one guy with one website," Gibbs added.

Assange told Time Magazine that Clinton "should resign" if it can be proven that Clinton directed spying at the United Nations.

Clinton has done a great deal of work over the last week to try and repair the frayed relationships displayed in the leaked diplomatic cables. She's worked the phones to soften the blow from the WikiLeaks, and embarked on Wednesday on her first foreign trip since the disclosure of the cables.

"We have interests in this world, and the world has an interest in us playing the type of role that we play on foreign policy," Gibbs said.