The Embassy of Honduras has hired Lanny Davis to help its relations with the United States.

The Central American nation has contracted with law firm Lanny J. Davis & Associates, according to a press release obtained by The Hill. Davis-Block, Davis's new strategic consulting firm founded with former American Israel Public Affairs Committee spokesman Josh Block, will also help out, assisting with communications and media strategy on behalf of Honduras.

"I hope to help the Government of Honduras and President Porfirio Lobo strengthen U.S.-Honduran relations by emphasizing that Honduras remains a loyal ally of the United States and a stable constitutional democracy governed by the rule of law," Davis said. "We hope and expect to work closely with both sides of the aisle and the administration in this effort."

Davis was special counsel to President Clinton from 1996 to 1998. Davis also is a columnist for The Hill and a contributor to The Hill's Pundits Blog.

"We welcome Mr. Davis's assistance in our efforts to promote vigorous and friendly relations with the Unites States of America and especially his commitment to a bipartisan approach," said Honduran Ambassador Jorge Ramón Hernández-Alcerro in a statement.

Last year, Davis lobbied on behalf of the Honduran chapter of CEAL, a Latin American business group that supported the June 2009 ouster of then-President Manuel Zelaya. Davis testified before a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee about the crisis.

Zelaya was deposed by the Honduran military after it was alleged he wanted to remove the presidency's term limits to stay in power, charges Zelaya denied. Zelaya was never reinstated to power despite strong condemnations of his ouster, many labeling it a coup d’etat. Honduras has since held elections that saw Lobo win the presidency.