Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), known for his tendentious remarks on the House floor, argued Thursday night for the elimination of the Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan research agency that has existed since the 1970s.

Gohmert also disputed the CBO's conclusion that extending the Bush tax cuts would increase the federal deficit.

"And despite the misinformation spewed on this floor, the fact is that when taxes have been cut, revenues go up — each time it's been done. But we have such an ignorant way for CBO to operate, so for this political animal, and I know people say it's bipartisan — baloney. CBO is not bipartisan," he said. 

"They can say what they want. But if CBO were really bipartisan, the facts wouldn't be so clear as they are about what CBO has done. Uh, they are quite partisan ... We need bills scored by groups that can look at history and reality." 

Gohmert also said the CBO did "the president's bidding" when making conclusions about the fiscal impact of March's healthcare overhaul. 

This is not the first time the Texas Republican has called for the office's elimination. He made a similar speech on the floor in May, calling the CBO "willing lackeys" for Congressional Democrats.