Ann Romney: America needs a ‘grown-up’ who understands the economy

{mosads}”You know — the ship’s going over the waterfall; it’s almost there,” the former Massachusetts first lady said in March at a private fundraiser in Orange County, Calif., according to audio obtained by Mother Jones and published Monday. “And we look what’s happening in Greece, and we look what’s happening around the world, we look what’s happening internationally. This is a frightening world, and we need a grown-up, and we need someone that understands the economy. So I’m glad Mitt is grown-up to you all.”

According to Mother Jones, Ann Romney was explaining why, although after 2008 she told her husband she never wanted him to run for president again, she insisted he jump into the race again last year.

It’s not the first time Ann Romney has used the phrase “grown-up” as a descriptor to provide a negative view of the president. 

“I’m hearing from so many women that may not have considered voting for a Republican before, that said it’s time for the grown-up to come, the man that’s going to take this very seriously,” she told CNN in August, the day after her husband accepted the GOP nomination. 

Mitt Romney, at the same March fundraiser, according to the report, also charged that Obama considers members of the business community a “necessary evil.”

“If you’re in business, I think he looks at you as a necessary evil — and maybe not so necessary,” he told the crowd, according to the audio. “I love you, all right? I love, I love business. I love people who employ other people, who have dreams and ideas and are willing to start enterprises and put people to work — all good things grow from successful enterprises. Businesses — good jobs come from good businesses.”

The liberal Mother Jones has released several “secretly” taped reports from Romney fundraisers, such as the controversial video containing the “47 percent” remark from May. The audio from the March event, which took place before Romney secured the GOP nomination, confirms statements made elsewhere by both Romney and his wife.

The Romney campaign allows representatives of a press pool to cover fundraisers in public venues, but does not allow press into events held at private residences.


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