GOP Sen. John Thune said Wednesday his criticism of opponents of President Obama's tax-cut compromise was not directed at Mitt Romney. 

Thune (S.D.) said he did not "take shots" at anybody in response to a question about whether his Tuesday floor speech was directed at politicians standing "on the sidelines." 

"Well, I didn't take any shots at anybody," he said on the "Imus in the Morning" show. 

Speculation swirled on Tuesday that Thune took a veiled jab at former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R), who came out against the tax deal this week.

Both Romney and Thune are potential 2012 presidential candidates. 

Thune — who says he does not agree with every provision of the deal — repeated some of his criticism on host Don Imus's show.

"But I did make a statement on the floor yesterday. There has been a lot of sniping about this tax agreement that has been reached, and most of it is from people who are not here and are not in a position to have to make a move," he said.