Outgoing liberal Sen. Russ Feingold is joining Marquette University's faculty as a visiting professor, the university announced Wednesday.

Feingold, a lawyer by trade who has been mentioned as a primary challenger to President Obama in 2012, will teach a course on legal issues in the Senate.

"On topics ranging from financing of political campaigns to civil liberties in an age of international terrorism to America’s engagement in Afghanistan, Sen. Feingold has been forthright, thoughtful, and independent," Marquette University Law School Dean Joseph Kearney said in a statement. "While I do not doubt that some of his views are controversial, or, still less, suggest that all of them are right, an institution of legal education is especially well suited to explore multiple dimensions of such issues."

Feingold lost his reelection campaign to Ron Johnson in 2010 — he may still decide to return to politics, although he has said he will not challenge Obama in 2012. In his concession speech last November, Feingold left open the possibility to a return to politics.

“It’s on to the next fight, it’s on to the next battle, it’s on to 2012 and it is on to our next adventure. Forward," Feingold said in the speech.

Feingold will also write a book about "issues of the day," according to the university.

Former Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) and former Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Pa.) are two other Democratic legislators who were defeated in November who are going into academia.