In the shadow of an upcoming vote to repeal healthcare reform next week, Americans are split on whether Congress should repeal the legislation — 46 percent in favor to 40 percent against, with 14 percent undecided, a Gallup poll released today found.

According to Gallup, the poll, conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, is consistent with past polls that found the healthcare reform law passed last year is still failing to gain traction among Americans.

"Americans' broadly divided opinions on repealing the healthcare legislation are in line with Gallup polling from much of the past two years that showed the bill struggling to gain majority public support both before and shortly after its passage," the pollster reports. "Polls conducted more recently have shown Americans generally more opposed to than in favor of the healthcare law."

The poll also found that repeal is divided fairly broadly along partisan lines. According to Gallup, 78 percent of Republicans are for repealing the law while 64 percent of Democrats are in favor. Independents are divided almost evenly on whether to repeal the legislation or not.

A vote to repeal the legislation is scheduled for next week in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, which is expected to pass but then be defeated in the Senate.