Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday that the Arizona shooter who killed six and injured 14, including Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D), was motivated by political views.

In an interview with CNN Wednesday Clinton, who had recently referred to the shooter as an "extremist," doubled down on her comments saying that the shooter was an extremist who acted on his "bizarre" political views.

"Based on what I know, this is a criminal defendant who was in some ways motivated by his own political views, who had a particular animus toward the congresswoman," Clinton said. "And I think when you cross the line from expressing opinions that are of conflicting differences in our political environment into taking action, that’s violent action, that’s a hallmark of extremism, whether it comes from the right, the left, from al Qaeda, from anarchists, whoever it is. That is a form of extremism. So yes, I think that when you’re a criminal who is in some way pursuing criminal activity connected to — however bizarre and poorly thought through — your political views, that’s a form of extremism."

Clinton added that she knows Giffords personally.

"I happen to know the congresswoman," Clinton added. "I think very highly of her. She’s an extraordinary person as well as a great public servant. And the loss of all of the people — the federal judge, the nine-year-old girl, and others — is just heartbreaking to me."

Jared Lee Loughner is the primary suspect in the shooting. On Monday a federal judge ordered that he be held without bail.