Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) said she's "worried" her state won't host the 2012 Democratic National Convention and said she suspects Charlotte, N.C., to be named the host city.

McCaskill, a centrist Democrat from the Show-Me State, said she's skeptical of St. Louis's ability to win the contest to host the party's convention in 2012.

"I wish I knew. I'm worried that I don't, to tell you the truth," McCaskill said. "Because I'd think by now that somebody would've given me some kind of glimmer as to what is going to happen. I know this: The St. Louis proposal is very, very strong, in terms of merit."

St. Louis is up against Charlotte, Cleveland and Minneapolis in the finalist category for the convention. Of the four states with possible host cities, Missouri is the only one President Obama didn't win in 2008.

There are a number of considerations to take into account when deciding the winning city, not least of which is whether hosting the convention would put the state in greater play for the party's nominee.

McCaskill's helped assemble the St. Louis bid and participated in a concert last year in promotion of the city's effort. There's been some speculation, however, that she might benefit from the convention being elsewhere, since McCaskill is up for reelection in 2012 and she might not benefit from being identified closely with Obama in the Republican-leaning state.

The senator said the campaign "narrative," though, led her to believe that Charlotte would be the eventual host.

"But at a certain point in time, there's also a narrative. And I know the president feels strongly about campaigning in the South," she said. "So I think our competition is Charlotte, and I'm worried about our competition."