Rahm Emanuel's name is back on the Chicago mayoral ballot, pending a state Supreme Court decision on the matter.

The Illinois Supreme Court approved a stay on Tuesday that will keep Emanuel's name in place until the court rules on the challenges to his residency.

A state Appellate Court ruled Monday that the former White House chief of staff did not meet Chicago's residency requirements to run for mayor.

Emanuel appealed the decision to the state Supreme Court and requested the stay to keep his name on the ballot. The court's decision means his name will stay in place until the court issues a ruling or decides not to hear the case.

The stay order is a much-needed victory for Emanuel. Early voting begins next week, which means those voters will have a chance to choose Emanuel. The Illinois Board of Elections had begun printing ballots Jan. 18 and, when the Appellate Court handed down its ruling, stopped including his name. That will now change.

The Illinois Supreme Court has not announced when — or if — it will hear Emanuel's case. If the court decides not to hear it, the Appellate Court ruling holds and he will be off the ballot. 

The election will be held Feb. 22.