Former Sen. Norm Coleman will not challenge Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) in 2012, he said Tuesday.

"I'm not going to run against Amy Klobuchar," the Minnesota Republican said in an interview with ABC News's Topline.

Just last week Coleman floated the possibility of returning to public office.

"I love public service. I can't tell you that I've run my last race. The public will decide that," Coleman told Newsmax magazine.

Although Coleman's name has been floated for a number of positions since he was defeated in his Senate reelection campaign, as of Tuesday he has ruled out two major candidacies: governor and senator. He said last year he wouldn’t run for governor.
Coleman said 2012 would be a good year for Republicans but warned that beating President Obama might be difficult.

"We've got a lot of opportunity in 2012. All that said and done, the president has still got an edge," Coleman said. "It's tough to defeat an incumbent president."

Coleman said if the economy remains bad and unemployment remains high, Obama could be vulnerable.

Some of Coleman’s fellow Minnesota Republicans may decide to run for president in 2012. Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Rep. Michele Bachmann are mentioned as possible Obama challengers.