Sarah Palin (R) wants to add another R next to her name: In addition to being a Republican, the former Alaska governor and her daughter Bristol are seeking to trademark their names. 

If their applications are approved, the Palins' names would appear — in certain contexts — with the registered trademark symbol, "®," next to them.

According to documents obtained by PoliticsDaily, which first reported the news on Thursday, Alaska lawyer Thomas Van Flein registered Palin's name to be trademarked on Nov. 5. Bristol's application was filed Sept 5., roughly two weeks before she began appearing on Dancing With The Stars.

Palin wants to register her name for commercial services as related to politics, such as "information about political elections" and "education and entertainment services." Bristol's trademark application is just for "education and entertainment services."

The U.S. Patent Office would have to approve the application. The office is asking for more paperwork. Lawyers involved in the process say the Palins have provided insufficient examples of how their trademarked names have been used in commercial contexts.

The applications are also missing the written consent signatures of Palin and her daughter, according to PoliticsDaily.

Palin has six months to fix the problems.