U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman (R) is likely to decide on a presidential bid in the coming weeks, his brother said Thursday.

Peter Huntsman, the CEO of the family business, Huntsman Chemical, said that his brother, a former GOP governor of Utah, would make his intentions known in the near future.

"He'll be announcing that soon, one way or the other, I hope in the next couple of weeks," Peter Huntsman told Reuters.

Jon Huntsman is set to resign as President Obama's top diplomat in China on April 30, a move he announced as a possible precursor to pursuing the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

The former governor has added staff to his political action committee (PAC) in preparation for a possible run, furthering speculation that he might formally explore running. Huntsman had been thought to be out of the running due to his relatively centrist stances as governor, and for his decision to go to work for Obama, who's in turn joked about how that might saddle the ambassador during a primary.

Huntsman's timeline wouldn't put him too far out of whack with most of his possible opponents, almost all of whom haven't declared their candidacies, and many of whom are expected to wait until spring.

"I personally think that he'd be a very attractive candidate," Peter Huntsman told Reuters. "With his business background and his experience around the world, I think he's exactly what we would need in this global environment and somebody that would be focused on charging our economy."