The House Minority Whip hinted Friday that funding for national public broadcasting could survive Republican threats of defunding.

Speaking on WAMU 88.5 today, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said that he reiterated his personal support for public broadcasting and hinted that although many in the House of Representatives want to cut funding, it might be part of legislative bargaining.

"It continues to have bipartisan support, but obviously in the House of Representatives there are a significant number of people who think we should not continue to support public broadcasting," Hoyer said. "However, I think there's going to be some give and take on that."

House Republicans have vowed to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (which partially funds National Public Radio, the Public Broadcasting Service and many local radio and TV stations), citing it as an example of wasteful government spending. Targeting the CPB is part of Republicans' efforts to slash government spending by $61 billion.

The liberal group has set up a petition in opposition to cutting funding.