Mirroring recent events in Wisconsin, Democrats in Indiana’s state legislature plan to leave the state rather than vote on a bill that would bar unions from certain bargaining rights.

According to the Indianapolis Star, only two of 40 Indiana House Democrats were present when the state legislature came into session Tuesday morning.


The Indiana Democrats' departure comes roughly a week after a similar exodus in Wisconsin, where Democratic state senators fled the state to avoid voting on a bill put forward by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) that would roll back some union benefits and cut some bargaining rights.

In Indiana, the bill, for which Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) cautiously voiced support, stops unions from being able to negotiate contracts that require non-union members to pay fees.

It is unclear if massive protests similar to those in Wisconsin will occur in Indiana.

In Wisconsin today, the state legislature reconvened without the Democrats. As of today, protests against Walker's bill have continued for nine days.