An aide to Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel resigned on Friday over an ethics violation.

Judy Erwin, a co-chairwoman of Emanuel's mayor campaign, stepped down from her spot on the Democrat's transition team after it came to light that she resigned from a state job in 2010 for committing an ethics violation, the Chicago Tribune reported Saturday.

Erwin resigned after paying a fine for having conducted political business -- namely, politicking for Barack Obama's presidential campaign -- while on the job and using state resources. Emanuel previously served as President Obama's chief of staff.

"The bottom line is the mayor-elect has very important work to do and I certainly don't want to have any distractions," Erwin told the Tribune. "I will be stepping aside from the transition. I don't want any distractions at all."

Emanuel won the mayoral election this past Tuesday to succeed longtime Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley.