Conservative talk-show host Tammy Bruce attacked New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie for his suggestion Sunday that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) needs more "unscripted" moments if she wants to be president. 

She also questioned whether other potential 2012 GOP presidential candidates could stand up to the type of scrutiny as Palin since her acceptance of the Republican vice presidential nomination in 2008.


Bruce, a staunch Palin supporter, posted a string of Twitter messages on Sunday, calling Christie "Mr. Smug," questioning his message and even poking fun at his weight.

She tweeted:

Mr. Smug, whose act involves screaming at people, says Palin needs more "unscripted moments"

Weird how Christie says absolutely *nothing* about the current president who can't open his piehole w/o a teleprompter, but goes after Palin

And I would guess if Palin ever solicited advice from Christie it would be limited to whether Chunky Monkey is better than Cherry Garcia

.@GovChristie is bad on immigration, 2nd amendment, & supports cap & tax. And he has the gall to even *talk* about Palin?

Bruce then aruged that Palin has been under the microscope for years, unlike other possible GOP presidential candidates, naming Christie, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who is considered a front-runner:

I'm wondering, how long would @GovChristie, @INGovernor & @MittRomney survive under the same kind of scrutiny Palin has for years?

Maybe we should ask the *wives* of @GovChristie, @INGovernor @MittRomney how well their husbands/marriages would hold up under scrutiny?

Although the tough words for members of the Republican field did not come from Palin herself, they are one of the few instances of public sparring among conservatives over the 2012 field.

The relatively peaceful debate is in part a result of the fact no heavyweight candidate has officially entered the race. But Bruce's comments are a sign the campaign could heat up soon. 

She tweeted:

(4th tweet of 4) Bottom Line: if you agree w Christie and think she needs more 'unscripted moments' ur an idiot & ur blocked, so step on up

Speaking on CBS's "Face the Nation" Sunday, Christie criticized Palin's media strategy, saying she done too much to carefully manage her public image.

"I think if she wants to prove she's ready for this, you've got to have some unscripted moments," Christie said.

One of the last remarks by a potential Republican candidate that spurred a widespread debate was Daniels's comment last year that the next president would have to call a "truce" on social issues until the nation's economic issues are solved.