Former Sen. Chris Dodd (D) on Monday took the type of job he said last year he would not accept.

Dodd accepted the chairmanship of the Motion Picture Association of America — Hollywood's top lobbyist — on Monday.

But in an interview with in August 2010, the former Senate Banking Committee chairman said he would not take a lobbying position.


"No lobbying, no lobbying," Dodd said.

It is not uncommon for former lawmakers to take positions as Washington lobbyists upon retirement, but Dodd's comments make his decision curious. 

Former lawmakers are legally prohibited from registering as a federal lobbyist for two years after leaving office, but they can join firms without directly lobbying member of Congress.

Dodd retired from the Senate in January after spending three decades in the nation's capital. The former senator's hiring had been rumored for weeks.

He will reportedly collect a $1.2 million salary.