The Republican National Committee (RNC) took its video hitting President Obama and organized labor to television stations in Wisconsin on Wednesday.

The RNC will begin airing on television a Web video it released last week, called "Obama's Union Bosses," in Wisconsin, amid the ongoing labor battles in that state.

The ad ties together Obama and "union bosses," accusing them of standing in the way of reform.

"Since releasing our video last week, we received a tremendous response from hard-working Americans concerned about spending at every level of government," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement. "With that in mind we have decided to share our message with a larger audience and stand up to the union bosses trying to protect the status quo."

The ad buy by the RNC, which will fund ads in Milwaukee and Madison through the end of this week, is the latest in a round of reinforcements Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's (R) received this week in his protracted battle with labor groups and Democrats in the state. The Republican Governors Association (RGA) started running its own ad in Wisconsin in support of Walker earlier this week.

"Republicans are losing the message battle in Wisconsin and nationally by double digits and turning off independent and blue collar voters in key 2012 battleground states," a Democratic Party official said in response. "All that considered, Republicans decided to double down on their failed message with a television ad.  Did someone let Michael Steele back in the building?"

The RNC and RGA aren't the only ones advertising, either. The AFL-CIO has been on-air in the state, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy For America are cosponsoring an ad in support of unions and state Democrats in Wisconsin, which goes on-air today.

Walker is pushing legislation that would force increased contributions to pension and benefit programs by public employee unions, and limit those unions' collective bargaining rights, as well. His proposal has prompted days of demonstrations in the state capital, and the state Senate's Democrats have fled the state to prevent a vote on such legislation, and have vowed not to return until they win concessions.

But polls have suggested that most Americans oppose the elimination of collective bargaining rights for public employee unions, as Walker has proposed. The RNC and RGA ads are looking to build support for the new GOP governor in his state, as he shows no signs of backing down. 

Updated 10:33 a.m.