In a new e-mail request for donations, a Tea Party group is warning that conservatives are losing ground in the Wisconsin battle over union rights.

A new email soliciting donations from the Tea Party Express and Our Country Deserves sent out Saturday says that recent polls and an ad campaign by pro-labor groups are getting the upper hand and that conservatives backing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's (R) bill to roll back collective bargaining rights are starting to cede ground.

"Friends, new polls coming out in Wisconsin show that the Obama-Labor Union ad campaign against him is having an impact," the e-mail says. "Governor Walker has started losing ground, even though polls had previously shown him winning the "public relations war."

The ad warns that there will be a national ripple effect if Walker's effort actually does lose in Wisconsin.

"If we lose in Wisconsin then Republican Governors across America will take the lesson that they should give in and capitulate, and all the progress we have seen from the tea party movement will be undone," the e-mail continues.

The debate over a bill backed by Walker to curtail certain union rights has become the latest national battlefield between Democrats and Republicans with liberal and conservative groups both pouring in money and buying ad campaigns either against or for the controversial union bill. Last month 14 Democrats in the state legislature fled the state, thereby blocking the bill's passage. Walker has repeatedly called for the Democrats to return but so far they continue their self-imposed exile.

On Saturday the pro-labor group Greater Wisconsin released a new ad which it calls a "significant" buy in support of blocking the bill.

A recent Rasmussen Poll found that nearly 60 percent of Wisconsinites hold a negative view of Walker's job performance.